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Webheroe is a project comprised by a team of web design and development specialists, as well as experts in WordPress, SEO, corporate identity and digital marketing. We have been featured in local and national media, including malaga24h.com, malagaldia.es and ilvwp.com, and we have done interviews for prestigious platforms such as seodesdecero.club.


Having a website is crucial in this day and age. Many companies, people and communities have decided to upgrade and breach borders in order to reach a wider audience.
The digital world, especially the Internet, moves at lightning-speed. We know first hand that the main goal when developing a website is to increase its visibility. Because, what good is a website if nobody visits it? Obviously, designing, developing, positioning and maintaining a website is no easy task. But Webheroe has the solution. By combining a series of technologies (WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, React, MySQL, HTML, CSS, etc.), we provide you with assistance in learning to manage your website in a quick, intuitive way, while delivering everything your project needs to help it rank higher among other competitors in a growing market.


Here at Webheroe know that each project is different. That’s why we adapt our quotes to each client’s individual needs. Our clients benefit from personalized consultation services and a special contact hours for the duration of the project. We’ll even send you personalized tutorials to help you manage your website for each full web development project.

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Álvaro Torres

Web Designer and founder of Webheroe

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Rafa Pérez

SEO Expert and Chief of Digital Marketing

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Content Creation Specialist and Chief Editor

Álvaro García Torres ha sido beneficiario del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es mejorar la competitividad de las Pymes y gracias al cual ha puesto en marcha un Plan de Marketing Digital Internacional con el objetivo de mejorar su posicionamiento online en mercados exteriores durante el año 2022. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del Programa XPANDE DIGITAL de la Cámara de Comercio de Málaga.
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