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At WebHeroe we consider your success our own. That is why we employ a large team of content creators and writers, who work with the best tools for optimizing your text. We create persuasive, high-quality content that will achieve good positioning on the main search engines. We help you to determine your content strategy and ensure your business triumphs through the use of words.

Redaccion de contenidos SEO

What does writing website content involve?

Producing this type of content involves researching, structuring, writing and editing a piece of text that will be published on a website.

At WebHeroe we have a professional team of writers who will provide quality content for users of your website. Good writers do more than just write well. They need to be able to capture the attention of a reader, who is always a potential customer or subscriber for your digital business.

That is why we only employ the very best professionals at WebHeroe, those who are passionate about researching and writing articles for websites.

Content writing or SEO writing?

As opposed to content writing, SEO writing is focused on producing content that is optimized for your website, using various techniques that promote positioning.

The real question that you should be asking is why should you have to choose? At WebHeroe we aim to strike a perfect balance between charming your readers and taking full advantage of Google. We offer content writing for your website with a quality SEO study, and we also use the very best professional tools on the market.

Why is it important to offer quality content to users?

Although technology has developed at a dizzying pace in recent years, you still need words to sell products or attract customers. And one of the best ways to guarantee success for your website is to create a good content strategy.

On the internet, it has been shown that, to achieve what you want from your users (to buy your product, subscribe, share, etc.), you need to provide high-quality content.

With an impeccable editorial calendar, you will be able to provide this valuable content to your readers, and potential customers will also be able to find you on Google by searching with the most relevant keywords in your sector.



Maybe you already have a working website, and the design is up and running, but what about the content?
Or maybe you want to produce a website from scratch with excellent content?
In either case, feel free to contact us and we will give you a personal quote.

  1. WE TALK

Once you have accepted the quote we’ll begin working on your content strategy. We will determine what kind of text will best suit your website and then we’ll produce an editorial calendar.


We’ll learn about you, your project and your competitors. For each piece of text we will carry out in-depth research to make sure that all the information we share on your website is always accurate.


We’ll begin writing interesting content that is of value to your users, and we’ll optimize the articles with SEO tools.


We’ll send you a first draft so you can review it. You can let us know what you think and we will make all the necessary modifications. We will work at a pace that best suits your needs.

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