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At WebHeroe we understand the importance of a good logo. That is why our design team has been thoroughly trained in everything related to this world: the psychology of shapes and colors, digital marketing, typography, brand philosophy, naming, persuasive slogans, etc. We have produced logos for brands all around the world

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Differences between corporate image and corporate identity

While corporate image and corporate identity are inseparable, they are not the same thing. I know it is a bit confusing, so I will try to explain it as simply as possible:
Corporate image is the image your brand creates (or aims to create) in the minds of customers or potential customers. Although it includes the word “image”, don’t let that confuse you into thinking it is something tangible. You could say that a corporate image is the soul of a brand, its personality, philosophy, tone, style, values, reputation, etc.

Corporate identity, however, is the visual representation of a brand: the logo, the website architecture, the advertising style, the colors, the shapes, etc.

Why is it important to have a good corporate image and identity?

If you’ve read the two paragraphs above, you might have an idea about why having a high-quality corporate identity and image is so important. For example, in many cases, the first time a potential customer is exposed to your brand may be through your logo. That is why it’s so important that your logo sends a clear message about what you want your brand to represent. It is often not treated with much importance, but it is one of the key factors that determine the success of a brand.

Logo design process


If you have a project idea, or want to refresh your brand, one of the first things to do is to develop your corporate identity. To do this, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with your own personalized quote.


Once you’ve agreed with our plan, you can fill in a form to give us all the little details.


With your specifications, the form and our own research, we will carry out a professional study, taking into account the wide range of factors that can affect corporate identity. This includes psychology of colors, target audience, psychology of shapes, competition, location, etc.


If your project includes naming and a slogan, this will be the first thing we do.
If not, we will show you the logo designs and, if necessary, you can modify them as many times as we have agreed beforehand.


You choose which design suits what you had in mind and we will send you various files so you can use it in different places, whether it be for printing at any scale, in digital format for Facebook or Instagram, as an editable Photoshop file or a vector source file, etc.

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