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At WebHeroe, all our team is trained to understand everything about on-page SEO. This gives us the advantage of being able to create websites that are 100% focused on Google positioning. But even if you already have a website, we can optimize it to make the very most of its SEO potential.

We have a team of editors and writers that create content (text) designed with positioning in mind. Our off-page SEO department will create link building of the highest quality. And, of course, our developers will optimize your website coding to improve its positioning on search engines. And we will demonstrate all this with simple metrics and graphs that we’ll send to you every month.

Por qué tener una buena optimización SEO

What is good SEO and why is it important?

SEO encompasses a wide range of areas. We could write thousands of pages about it and still not cover everything. That is why we’ll just discuss one of the most important points.

For starters, you should know about how SEO is divided into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. As you’ve probably already guessed, on-page SEO is optimization on the website itself, while off-page SEO is the opposite.

On-page SEO is all details that we can create or improve to “make a good impression on Google” and thus appear higher in its search results. Google uses robots that analyze each website and classify them according to their quality.
There are many factors that affect the on-page SEO, but the key ones are content quality, loading speed, the time that the user can interact with the website, internal linking, website architecture, verticality of content, etc. And, of course, each of these points also has many different potential ramifications.
With off-page SEO, various external actions can have an influence on your website to improve its reputation on search engines. We’re obviously referring mostly to Google, which is the most popular in the world (well, almost). These actions are performed through quality link building, including social media and mentions done in a natural and appropriate way.



Whether you already have a website and want to create quality content, incorporate carefully developed link building, and/or optimize your website, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and we will give you a personalized quote.


You can fill in a form to tell us about the details of your project.


This is the most important stage of all SEO projects. We use a wide range of the best quality tools to carry out comprehensive research. We will analyze in detail your competition, keywords, link building, traffic value, keywords that position your website and those that appear as new, potential existing errors on a website, etc.


Once we have completed the SEO study, we will improve your website, whether it be through coding, link building, content, website architecture, etc.


Once all the hard work is done, all that is left is to analyze. SEO is something that requires time, so don’t believe any companies that tell you they can provide you with instant results. Once the improvements have been made, we need to wait for the Google robots to analyze the website, compare it and position it accordingly.

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